How to Buy a Wedding Band

Some Helpful Advice
When all the photos and memories are stored away, wedding bands are the one true keepsake that will forever be a reminder of your special wedding day, the exchange of vows between you and your loved one, and your everlasting marriage. There are a few ideas to consider before purchasing a wedding band to ensure that your rings are as cherished and appreciated on your 50th anniversary, as on your wedding day.
Know Your Jewelry Style 

In order to determine your Jewelry style, try observing your tastes in your daily purchases and clothing choice.  Are most of your clothes classics, contemporary, or casual? Do designer labels fill your closet? Choose a wedding-band style that complements your wardrobe, and you'll have a ring that matches your look and life-style.

The Precious Metal Type Lays the Foundation: 14k, 18k or Platium? 

Selecting between gold and platinum may seem like a simple decision; however there are many factors that distinguish between these precious metal types. The color is usually the most obvious difference in the option between yellow and white gold. Furthermore, you can go so far as to create a hue of gold more suitable to your taste, such as rose gold or a shade with green coloration. Next, there is the distinction within the concentration of pure gold in the wedding ring, with options like the stronger 14k or softer 18k. In white gold selection, the tint between 14k and 18k remain the same, however when choosing a yellow or rose gold, the amount of pure 24k gold in the mixture for this can have an impact on the color;  a higher karat shows a stronger color (more yellow or more rose colored) than a lower karat. When considering platinum, a few ideas to keep in mind include the weight of platinum. Platinum is heavier than gold because of its increased density. Also, platinum has an increased longevity due to this precious metal’s tremendous durability. Finally, platinum is hypoallergenic and is deemed the most enduring precious metal for jewelry.
Do Gemstones and Diamonds Add Dazzle and Shine?

Diamonds and gemstones can add much to a wedding band and bring out the features of the ring style you have selected. Creating a matching diamond wedding band or eternity band for your engagement ring can bring out the beauty and brilliance of your diamonds. The grouping of both rings together can truly increase the shine, offering a unique duo that no other combination can offer. Various young couples may not opt for the more expensive diamond wedding bands and some men do not feel the need to have diamonds on their wedding rings. A solution for this would be to purchase a basic gold wedding band and when an anniversary, birthday or other milestone comes along, to then upgrade. 

Find a Jeweler You Trust 

Find your ring size by either visiting a local jeweler or using a ring sizing kit to measure your finger.  Pay attention to the width of the wedding band you are interested in as this does indeed effect the ring size (wider rings require a slightly larger ring size). Also, be sure to note the conditions under which you are being measured. In summertime heat, fingers tend to expand and swell. A person’s diet may also affect their ring size as well. For these reasons it is important to choose a time when you feel you can find the most accurate ring size to use as a representation for daily wear. We are pleased to offer a comprehensive guide to ring sizing and also present many services including free resizing on most rings. Should you have any questions on ring sizing please feel free to contact one of our extremely knowledgeable customer service representatives.


Matching or Not? 

Wedding rings should reflect a couples unique taste and style. When selecting wedding rings, a cost effective alternative would be opting for a matching his and hers wedding bands set. This can be seen with an exact matching set for his and her band or the option of having a similar design for both rings and the inclusion of diamond/s on her band. Another way to distinguish between the two bands is to have his band crafted in a wider, and more masculine setting but also proportionate to her band at a narrower, more feminine design. Whichever style you do select, make sure to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship involved in each and every ring that is designed for you and your other half to share eternally. 


Wedding Bands Wholesale  Consultants:

Wedding Bands Wholesale consultants are conveniently available to help you online, whether you have any questions about wedding bands or your order.  Wedding Bands Wholesale strives to have customer care that is highly knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.
Quality Experience

Wedding Bands Wholesale  representatives offer expert guidance based on standards set by the world's foremost diamond grading laboratories.  Our diamond and jewelry consultants are not only experts on the “four C’s,” they've also helped thousands of couples choose the perfect diamond.

Expert Service

Most special requests can be accommodated, such as delivery and shipping to a FedEx pick-up facility or alternate shipping address for secrecy.  Our consultants are available to help you with difficult decisions ranging from style, to choosing between platinum and gold.  Our Wedding Bands Wholesale  consultants are experts at helping people select a wedding band we are sure you will love. You can set the pace and there is no pressure to buy because Wedding Bands Wholesale  consultants do not work on commission.  Our greatest pleasure comes from being a part of your special occasion and sharing in your happiness.

Once you submit your order, and your payment is approved, your order immediately goes to our on-site workshop where the process of building your ring begins.