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950 Platinum 6mm Antique Wedding Band Comfort Fit AWB1005PLT

Retail Price:$2,171.00

Starting at:$1,143.00

950 Platinum 5mm Almani Antique Wedding Band Sunflower Design

Retail Price:$1,768.00

Starting at:$1,304.00

950 Platinum 7mm Antique Wedding Band Comfort Fit AWB1014PLT

Retail Price:$2,558.00

Starting at:$1,346.00

950 Platinum 4mm Antique Wedding Band Comfort Fit AWB1012PLT

Retail Price:$2,558.00

Starting at:$1,346.00

950 Platinum 8mm Antique Wedding Band Comfort Fit AWB1002PLT

Retail Price:$3,655.00

Starting at:$1,890.00

You might hear that antique rings are back in style for wedding and engagement sets, but did they ever really go out of style? Antique wedding rings not only offer a unique look that you know you won't see on anyone else's finger, but they also bring an extraordinary style to the wedding set. You can search for an antique wedding ring at most jewelers as well as pawn shops, second-hand stores and may even luck into a few antique rings now and then at flea markets.

At Wedding Bands Wholesale, we want to save you time spent searching. We offer an extensive selection of vintage-inspired antique wedding bands. White gold, yellow gold, platinum and two-tone bands, you'll find the ideal, classic ring beyond compare at Wedding Bands Wholesale. Our craftsmen are skilled at etching the exquisite scrolls, petals and leaves found on the more ornate rings, but they're equally accomplished at creating simple diamond cut facets for a more understated look. When you're searching for an exceptional wedding set from a vintage era, but without the antique price tag, come to Wedding Bands Wholesale for the one-of-a-kind wedding jewelry the love of your life deserves.