Find me a woman that doesn't like diamonds, and I'll find you a man that doesn't have facial hair. Yup, truth be told!~. The reason I say this with clear cut conviction is simply because I have been designing jewelry for over 20 years and I have never met a woman that can turn down that shinning luster. Weather some women are in denial about it & others quite open about their love for diamonds, they all desire this precious stone quite equally.


For centuries the diamond has been a symbol of wealth & prosperity. A status symbol, if you will. When a woman wears a diamond, it reflects how much she is loved by her significant other. It also shows that her significant other has the means to provide such a luxurious item. It shows the world that this women is worth the good money that has been spent on this diamond. Some being more modest than others, I don't' believe that there is a woman on this planet that would choose to deny the presence of a nice luster full diamond in her jewelry collection.