In  this day and age, variations of wedding bands for women to choose from are infinite. There are endless selections of rings both online and at your favorite brick & mortar.  From two tone bands all the way to alternative metals, such as titanium & tungsten, the choices really are limitless. One thing that I have noticed throughout the years of being a jeweler, is that women will forever adore the eternity band. The simply classic ring with diamonds that go all the way around the ring, which symbolizes eternity. 8 times out of 10, the woman will choose to go with an eternity band. Not surprisingly so, they tend to stick with the classics such as a shared prong eternity band. The shared prong eternity band provides a great sparkle effect, more so than any of the other types of settings because of the fact that there is less material covering the diamonds, allowing for more light to shine through.

Platinum eternity bands are a great selection for the long haul. Eternity rings  made in Platinum are more stable top withstand the test of time. Always remember that when deciding on an eternity band, it is always better to purchase it in platinum. For a relatively small price difference, it is will worth it. So, in a nutshell, the eternity ring has proven to be the most desired amongst women today, and has positively  proven itself in the test of time.