When buying jewelry, I always recommend Platinum as the optimal choice. In many regards it is better than your average gold, silver, Palladium etc. piece of jewelry, although is more costly. The cost is probably the only downside when choosing Platinum, but, not if you can afford it. One of the main reason that Platinum is more costly then gold, is because it is more scarce. Globally, each year, there are only 160 tons of Platinum that are dug up as opposed to 1,500 tons of gold. You can see why Platinum is so expensive.  



Platinum is known to be the world's densest natural metal. This means that it's natural weight is heavier than that of Gold, Palladium or any other natural metal. In addition to its heftiness, Platinum in its natural form has a silvery color tone, as to where gold needs to be periodically rhohdium plated in order to maintain its luscious silver/white  aura. Platinum is the optimal choice for engagement rings and eternity bands, as well, because of its durability. It is a more Malleable metal than any of the above aid metals.  This means that if a piece of jewelry made of platinum accidentally strikes a surface and deforms, the material is pressed out of shape but does not break or crack, as gold might. Using the platinum material for Platinum eternity bands are a more expressive way of living up to what they symbolize - Eternity.