Charm bracelets are commonly known as a bracelet with mini charms and/or ornaments hanging from the bracelet. These charms are hung onto the bracelet by clasps that attach the charms in order to stay on the bracelet. So what is the big whoop about charm bracelets anyways? I'll tell you, charm bracelets symbolize a memory or a happy (sometimes sad) occasion. Almost everyone has heard of a charm bracelet, because of memories from your childhood, or from your favorite movie character who owned one.

Charm bracelets can be made out of different metals, like gold or sterling silver for example. The charms hanging from the bracelet come in hundreds of designs, colors and well pretty much anything you can think of. Charms represent more than just a memory, they represent the past and your special bond with that memory or whoever gave it to you. Charms are added to the bracelet in times of special occasions, holiday gifts or birthdays. 

When sharing a special moment with someone and then giving them a charm to put on their bracelet, it shows that that memory meant something. And it can hopefully be remembered in the future just by looking down at your wrist.