Questions you probably never even thought to ask- Why is the tennis bracelet even called a tennis bracelet? Either you already know the answer or you are now extremely curious (or just don’t care... that's cool too). To keep it brief since you are so eager to find out, the tennis bracelet got its name from a tennis player. Big surprise there right? Mid U.S Open tennis match, player Chris Evert, stopped the game to look for her expensive diamond bracelet that was specially made just for her. Ever since that game in 1987, the diamond bracelet got its title- the Tennis Bracelet


Ever since that game, the tennis bracelet was worn by many tennis players after, and many people around the world. The tennis bracelet is a pliable bracelet made out of diamonds which are set individually in a straight line. This expensive piece of jewelry is now known as a bracelet that someone might receive on a special occasion, like having a first born child, or a marriage for example.