Have you ever wondered why men give the woman an engagement ring when they propose? No? Well I bet you’re wondering now.                                    

Before the 19th century, women weren’t allowed to own property, or have their own money. So when a man gave an engagement ring to a woman, it was sort of like an ownership over them, and a promise that they can support their girl financially. 

Way before the 19th century, the engagement ring used to show the man’s social status, position and ranking in society. The bigger the ring, the higher the class.

Nowadays, the engagement ring symbolizes the man’s commitment and devotion to his woman. The diamond is the strongest stone, since a diamond is on the engagement ring it proves the strength of the man’s love when he proposes.  

Many don’t question why the engagement ring is put on the left hand ring finger. It is because back in the day, it was believed that the vein in that finger connected straight to the heart.