Eternity usually means never ending. There is no amount of time in eternity because it is forever. An eternity ring symbolizes the love between two people that can go on forever. The ring represents a never ending bond between the two people who put these rings on to have forever with one another.     

Symbolism plays a huge part in the diamond eternity ring. The eternal love that this ring symbolizes equally matches the eternity of the diamonds. Diamonds on the ring are meant to be much more than just a beautiful gem. The reason the diamond is put on the eternity rings, is because it is meant to last forever, it is the most durable natural stone. 

Love and diamonds have a sacred bond of lasting eternally. The continuous circle of diamonds around the ring are never ending symbolically. 

Once the eternity ring is set and made to fit a finger, it can no longer be altered. Just like a love that cannot be unchanged or broken, the ring can’t be either. The eternity ring is usually given for a special anniversary or occasion. It represents forever and every relationship can use a little forever.

The ancient Egyptians invented the eternity ring somewhere around 2000 BC.  They believed that even death can’t kill a love, hence the eternity ring. They created the symbolic ring to match a never ending love between two people. 

There are two types of eternity rings, and many ways they can be made. There is the full eternity ring which has diamonds fully circling the ring, and a half eternity ring, which just has diamonds on one face. Many say that the full eternity ring is more beautiful and can symbolize an eternal love better because there are diamonds fully going around the ring. Others disagree and say that the full ring is uncomfortable because of the diamonds all the way around and that the half ring is just as eternal.