Searching for that special wedding ring? Looking for something that nobody else will have, or something a little different? We have BEAUTIFUL antique wedding bands online that come in a variety of shapes and styles. Gold, platinum, white gold, yellow gold and much more. With or without a diamond, there are many choices to pick from. Our new selections come in comfort fit, root petal design, band bow tie and other popular designs.

Antique Wedding Bands

Many Types of Antique Wedding Bands

Some of our newest antique wedding bands come in a Gold 3mm Almani Band Bold design, Bow Tie and X design, and others. If you're looking for an antique ring with unique designs on the outside of the ring, we've got you covered. So many people will go out and pick one of the first ones they see, without doing the research, checking prices, talking to friends and family. We urge you to call us and let us help you pick out the right design, the right colors, and get the best antique wedding band that fits your personal desires.

If you're interested in the Floral Vine design, we have many made from 14 - 18K gold. The Interlock design, the Arrowhead design and much more to choose from. If you're looking for a larger ring, we have 12mm rings that will look great on anyone's finger. Two town, floral design antique rings are some of our most popular styles.

All our wedding rings come with free shipping, free engraving, free finishing and all of them are made in the USA. We give you the certificate and warranty, outstanding customer services, and will help you along the choosing path every step of the way. Do your homework, compare prices and check out our vast selection of wedding rings online. Please feel free to call us, we're here to help and make sure you get the best ring, and the best price.