Okay, so you want something a little more unique than a traditional dome wedding band or even a diamond eternity band. You're looking for unique wedding bands... That's understandable. After all, your ring should be as individual as your style. We've put together a list of five wedding bands that are a little more interesting and a little less boring.

No matter what you choose, make sure you really like your wedding band, there are many different wedding rings and types. Hopefully you'll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life. With that in mind, all of these rings are rounded on the inside, creating a comfort fit that will not pinch the skin during constant wear and still slides easily on and off of the finger.

Wobbly Band

Wobbly Wedding BandThe distinctive shape of this ring sets it apart from standard wedding bands. It is set across the center with 10 round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.50ct in flush settings. If yellow gold is too traditional for you, this ring is also available in white and rose gold.

Three Tone Braided Ring

Three Tone Braided Wedding Band18k white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold are braided together to create this unique ring design. It is set with 26 round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.78ct in flush settings. Interweaving the three contrasting gold tones gives this ring a texture and depth that is not present in more traditional wedding bands.

Hand-Wrapped Gold Wiring Ring

Hand-Wrapped Gold Wiring RingThis ring has an offbeat design element of 18k gold wiring that is hand wrapped around the center of the ring. The wire element is bordered by approximately 100 round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of about 1.75ct depending on size. Like the braided ring, this ring has added depth and texture that really sets it apart and like the wobbly band, it can be made of white or rose gold.

Two Wall Ring with Side Mounted Diamonds

Two Wall Ring with Side Mounted DiamondsDon't let this one fool you. While at first glance it may appear like a traditional band, this ring is sneakily unique. The body of the ring is actually two walls with 6 round brilliant cut diamonds (total carat weight of 0.48ct.) mounted between them. It is also available in yellow and rose gold versions. This ring can give you all of the appearance of tradition with the fun of individuality.

Two Tone Almani Antique Wedding Band Flower Design

Two Tone Almani Antique Wedding BandAntique style wedding rings can you a beautiful individual flair. This particular ring has a striking flower petal pattern around the yellow gold center of the ring which is bordered with a white gold base. The black rhodium finish accentuates its nontraditional texture.

If you're looking for different wedding rings, a somewhat unique wedding band, check out our online selection!