Traditional wedding ceremonies and celebrations have been giving way to more personalized events. Miles of white satin and acres of black tuxedos are yielding their place to simple dresses and Hawaiian shirts or whatever alternative the bride and groom prefer.

In addition to unique locales and ceremonies, many couples are choosing handmade wedding bands instead of mass-produced rings. A standard wedding band set, worn by thousands of other couples, lacks the originality and personalization that are the hallmarks of today's modern celebrations.

Choosing handmade wedding bands opens up a whole universe of possibilities. Special places, important shared interests and profound personal beliefs can be immortalized both inside and outside rings, making them future family heirlooms to be cherished for generations.

For example, couples dreaming of the tropics aboard a sailboat might opt for wedding bands that include palm tree motifs, beach scenes or sailing vessels underway. Another couple who met one New Year's Eve might include champagne glasses, noisemakers or confetti on their bands. Others might select a simpler design bearing their engraved names.

By choosing handmade rings, couples find a look that suits both partners. In addition to more elaborate designs that incorporate meaningful motifs, simpler and sleeker rings will appeal to those who take a more streamlined approach to life.

The price of a wedding and reception can really add up, and a custom-made set of rings may seem like an extravagance. But wholesale priced handmade wedding bands are an affordable luxury. Only the price is wholesale. There is no skimping on quality, beauty or creativity.

Amid the bustle and chaos involved in planning a wedding, selecting matching rings for the bride and groom is one complication that many couples can do without. A ring that looks perfect on one hand may be inappropriate on a partner's hand.

Mass-produced rings are sized to fit average hands. Of course, you know that people come in sizes and shapes that are anything but average. Ordering a smaller or larger ring can mean a long wait at the jewelers, a time lag that can wreak havoc on tight schedules and already frayed, taut nerves. Plus, alternate sizes may not be available at any price or may often cost more than standard sizes.

Thus, even if you are planning a more traditional wedding, handmade wedding bands for both bride and groom will solve unforeseen problems. And there is the added benefit of buying something truly unique and timeless.

Whether you want a traditional wedding, one that is very personal or a truly unique event, there is a handmade ring set that will feel just right in so many ways. A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that is worn every day and needs to be comfortable as well as attractive. Handmade rings offer comfort and beauty that will last as long your love and beyond.

Ordering wholesale priced handmade wedding bands for both partners at the same time in the same place is the answer. This is one-stop shopping at its best.